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Montage 5 Year Protection Plan
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We offer a 5 Year Montage Protection Plan.      

Plan Cost         

  Purchase Amount (excluding tax)  

  Plan Cost  

  $199 to $399.99


  That's $14 per year  

  $400 to $599.99


That's $20 per year

  $600 to $899.99


That's $30 per year

  $900 to $1199.99


That's $36 per year

  $1200 to 1599.99


That's $40 per year

  $1600 to $1999.99


That's $46 per year

  $2000 and higher


That's $50 per year

Montage is NOT like an extended warranty because it covers all kinds of damage that no warranty ever covers – like BURNS, TEARS, PUNCTURES, STAINS and MORE!
Montage is a 5 Year Protection Plan that eliminates virtually all worries of accidental damage to the furniture. Montage covers ANY furniture (except mattresses).
What is covered?
Unintentional and accidental damage from handling, including stains:
  • Dye transfer onto surface of upholstery- covered
  • Punctures, rips, burns – covered
  • Liquid marks, rings, or household heat marks – covered
  • Gouges, dents, scratches, chips THAT PENETRATE the finish exposing substrate- covered
  • Nail polish remover – covered
  • Cracking, bubbling, or peeling of finish CAUSED BY A SPECIFIC incident- covered
  • Glass or mirror chipping, breakage or scratches – covered
  • Glass of wine spills on white couch – covered
  • Bowl of chocolate ice cream spills on love seat – covered
  • Cigarette ash burns a whole thru fabric or wood table – covered
  • Dropped scissors or knife slices thru the leather couch – covered
  • Family pet/child has an accident on furniture – covered
  • Mirror becomes detached from dresser, falls and shatters – covered
Mechanical and structural breakdowns as a result of:
  • Breakage of frames, panels or springs – covered 
  • Breakage of mechanisms including sleeper & reclining mechanisms & heating & vibrating mechanisms- covered
  • Failure of integral electrical components - covered
  • Lifting of veneer - covered
  • Warping- covered
  • Loss of silvering on mirrors- covered
  • Headboard on bed cracks and splits - covered
  • Arm on recliner snaps off - covered
  • Top of dresser starts to delaminate – covered

What is NOT covered?
  • Manufacturer defects, except those covered under the terms of the protection plan AFTER the manufacturer’s warranty has expired
  • General wear and tear
  • Any stain, soiling or damage resulting from every day use or that has built up over time.
  • Stains or damage occurring while furniture is being moved between residences or while furniture is being moved into or out of storage.
  • Damage/fading from sunlight
  • Pet damage other than bodily fluids
  • Scratches caused by pet claws, teeth or beak – not covered
  • Soil on back of head rest, arm rest, etc from sweat and skin oils or perspiration – not covered
  • Chewing gum – not covered
  • Odors/smell – not covered
  • Leather drying out, peeling – not covered
Time to report problem –  you must report within 30 days of noticing the issue. IMPORTANT – you must report EACH individual problem when it occurs. They should NOT wait to have several problems since only one accident will be serviced per reported claim.
Many of us don’t bother to buy warranties on purchases since they don’t often don’t seem worth the money we pay for them. But with the Montage plan with its INCREDIBLY broad range of coverage, it is a sensational value. After all, who wouldn’t want to know that just about any accident on such a major purchase is protected? Any customer with small children or pets will welcome such protection. And THERE IS NO DEDUCTIBLE so you can receive service OVER AND OVER AGAIN with no limit on the number of covered claims. (The only exception that if an item is completely replaced – not just repaired -  the warranty is over. However, you can then buy a new warranty to cover them for issues on the new item). 
The amount above can be for one single item or a combination of many Furniture “bundled” items. (But cannot bundle Furniture purchase with Mattress purchase-). For example, if you buy a sofa and love set for $899, a table set for $279 & a bedroom set for $799 – for a total of  $1,977 -  you can cover your ENTIRE purchase for just $229.99 for 5 years.